Category : Press Release 2022-02-03

Road Test of ORA Good Cat EV successfully conducted in Nepal

Great Wall Motor, Nepal (GWM-Nepal) successfully conducted the Road Test of ORA Good Cat EV in Nepal and is now ready to be officially launched in Nepali market.

The ORA Good Cat EV performed admirably in a variety of terrain and road situations throughout the road drive test. Whether down slopes or upwards, on blacktop highways or on rocky & gravel-filled routes, the car performed admirably, with its features offering excellent support. Whereas similar ranged vehicles would have been difficult to drive, ORA provided a smooth riding experience for individuals in the driver's seat without the stress of depleting battery levels.

The ORA Good Cat immediately drew the attention of everyone in the vicinity. This aspect alone could be one of the most important drivers in propelling the GWM brand forward in terms of cutting-edge technology and environmental consciousness.

ORA Good Cat has proven to be fairly outstanding with reliability and clever configuration after long driving experience, with appropriate range for city, highway, and steep terrain driving. It has also proven to be a head turner due to its fashionable appearance. The functioning is quite smooth in city driving and shows much quicker response on the highway.

ORA Good Cat:

ORA Good Cat is well designed and developed by our global teams, including experts from Germany, Austria, the United States, Japan and South Korea. Boasting Retro Futuristic design, ORA Good Cat perfectly integrates smart driving technologies.

In Thailand alone, GWM received more than 6,000 orders for ORA Good Cat within 48 hours of its pre-sale. We, therefore, believe that ORA Good Cat will be well-loved in Nepal and respond well to the needs of the customers. We are confident that ORA Good Cat launch will also turn a new page in Nepalese EV industry marking a new benchmark in range, performance and youthfulness.

Apart from this, the future looks exciting. After ORA Good Cat, GWM Nepal is planning to launch two more EV variants under ORA within 2022.

About Great Wall Motors:

GWM-Nepal firmly establishes its presence in Nepal with the Global Models such as HAVAL H6, HAVAL JOLION and POER and continues to develop its EV Ecosystem with the launch of ORA Electric, and vows to tangibly foster the country’s next-generation automotive innovation.

VG Impex is the authorized importers of Great Wall Motor in Nepal. After enjoying overwhelming success in China and 60+ nations over the years, VG Impex/GWM-Nepal successfully managed to bring this global EV sensation. GWM-Nepal has also constantly upgraded its sales and after-sales standard services with addition of new point of sales across nation along with service facilities. The company focuses to deliver new and comprehensive services to consumers as well as drive Nepal’s EV Ecosystem forward.

In accordance to the global market, GWM is ready to become a global automotive leader. Pursuing the goal of selling four million vehicles in global market by 2025, Great Wall Motor expects new-energy vehicles to account for more than 80% of its sales.